Click on a course name to see the course descriptions. On the day of the Summit, you can attend one class in each time time slot. Locations of classes will be available day of Summit.

Time Event
All day Visit exhibitors
8:00-8:45 Check-in and visit exhibitors
9:00-10:00 Opening Session
10:00-10:30 Break – visit exhibitors
10:30-11:30 How Your Brain Works Hard to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease
10:30-11:30 Legal Issues for the Caregiver: When Someone Else Decides
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:30 Hearing Loss and Accessibility for Seniors
12:30-1:30 Are The New Medicare Cards Scam Proof? Think Again!
1:30-2:00 Break – visit exhibitors
2:00-3:00 Natural Ways to Improve Your Balance and Treat Your Vertigo
2:00-3:00 Keeping the Peace as Dementia Progresses

Course Descriptions

Opening Session:
Careversations: When Seagulls Squawk

Audrey Galloway, AARP North Carolina
The role of the caregiver is replete with varied conversations: conversations with medical professionals, conversations with resource group representatives, conversations with friends and families, etc. Sometimes these conversations are supportive and valuable. But, sometimes these conversations are comparable to the squawking seagull—loud, messy, and annoying. How do we host helpful caregiving conversations and how do we silence the squawking seagulls?

How Your Brain Works Hard to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease

Ben A. Bahr, Ph.D.
William C. Friday Chair and Distinguished Professor, Biotechnology Research and Training Center, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Millions of baby boomers fear Alzheimer’s disease is an impending epidemic, with changes in the brain increasing their risk as they age. While scientists continue the struggle to understand the many pathogenic pathways that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, UNCP research teams are discovering how the brain fights off Alzheimer’s disease as best it can, thereby uncovering new avenues for developing a treatment.

Legal Issues for the Caregiver: When Someone Else Decides

Mark Costley, Attorney and Founder, Clarity Legal Group
Jonathan Williams, Attorney, Clarity Legal Group
This session includes education on legal issues surrounding incapacity, including guardianship, powers of attorney, health care planning, and using revocable trusts to share the burden of financial decision-making and management.

Hearing Loss and Accessibility for Seniors

Kim Calabretta
Customer Relations Manager, CapTel NC
This presentation covers a variety of topics related to hearing loss and describes the newer resources available to benefit hard of hearing individuals so they can lead independent lives and enjoy life more by reducing the stress associated with hearing loss. Topics covered include 1) types of hearing loss, 2) causes of hearing loss, 3) overview and features of hearing aids and cochlear implants 4) telecommunications equipment, 3) overview of smart phones 4) public accommodations, including television and movie captions.

Are The New Medicare Cards Scam Proof? Think Again!

Stephanie Bias, Program Coordinator
North Carolina Senior Medicare Patrol (NCSMP), Senior’s Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP), North Carolina Department of Insurance
In 2018, all Medicare beneficiaries received new Medicare cards without Social Security numbers and other personal information. While this is a welcomed change with respect to identity theft, there are still opportunities for unscrupulous persons to scam your Medicare benefits. Join us for a conversation on these scams and how to be a good steward of your Medicare benefits.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Balance and Treat Your Vertigo

Dr. Sara Morrison, Total Body Therapy and Wellness
Do you or a loved one suffer with bad balance or vertigo? In this session we will discuss the top reasons people fall, factors that affect balance and vertigo, and the biggest mistake vertigo and bad balance sufferers make. Learn ways to help our loved ones get back to doing the things they love and living without fear of falls.

Keeping the Peace as Dementia Progresses

Melanie Bunn, MS, RN, GNP
Dementia Training Specialist, Dementia Alliance of North Carolina
You will learn about dementia while following the journey of one family. During this interactive session you will explore the impact of dementia on relationships, communication, and decision making all while getting a better understanding of how things progress and what changes may occur.