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Thank you very, very much for a very meaningful, informative, and useful Caregivers Summit. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

I provided care for my father who is now deceased, and I am currently caring for my mom who has Alzheimer’s. Guiding Lights has been instrumental in providing information and resources that have made this difficult journey a little easier.  The Caregivers Conference that they sponsor each year is nothing short of fantastic.  I have participated in it for the past three years and will continue to do so, for I always learn something new and I have developed special bonds with other caregivers through this event. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

It was truly a great day full of great info. And I sincerely appreciated how kind and compassionate all of the presenters, staff, and volunteers were. That means a lot and helps so much. It was great to be around a bunch of people who understand what my family and I are going through. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

Conference was wonderful. There were lots of resources and people to network with. It made me realize that I am not alone. There is help and support out there. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

All the programs I attended were extremely helpful. The speakers were interesting and held everyone’s attention. Attendees interacted with valuable questions. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

Wonderful material! Wonderful day! – Caregivers Summit Attendee

It was so great. Thank you so very much for making it affordable so that so many may attend. Hope to come back every year! – Caregivers Summit Attendee

Enjoyed everything from start to finish. I plan to come again and invite other caregivers.- Caregivers Summit Attendee

This was awesome! Will highly recommend to others. My greatest takeaway – a better understanding of how my dad sees the world. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

Glad sessions were offered twice. Loved healthy lunch. Good sessions and presenters. – Caregivers Summit Attendee

The lunch was exceptional. Everything was well organized. One of the best seminars! – Caregivers Summit Attendee